SMK Consultants was formed as a group of registered Survey Consultants in 1972 and has since expanded their capabilities into the fields of irrigation design and environmental assessment, planning and project management.


SMK Consultants provide a combined service for survey, assessment and development of projects across the country. Whilst the majority of our work is undertaken in New South Wales and Queensland, we have also undertaken projects in Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Offices have more recently opened in Gatton and Brisbane in Queensland to extend our registered survey services.  

The Company provides a multi-disciplinary approach to development proposals with services including ecology, environmental assessment, town planning, surveying, road design, subdivision design and project supervision.


In addition to the three Partners, the company currently employs over 15 staff with a wide range of qualifications and skills including:

  • Surveying

  • Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Project Management

  • Town Planning

  • Rural Science

  • Mapping

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)


The group has established a reputation based on professional attitude, skill, ability and a sound knowledge of local issues. Our experience in the region assists in the difficult arena of obtaining development consents.