Development Applications

SMK Consultants have extensive experience in assisting clients with developments applications for a range of projects including:


  • Civil Construction (House/Apartments/Commercial Buildings etc)

  • Changes of use to existing building e.g. residential to retail / commercial / industrial and vice versa

  • Alterations and additions (renovations) to single dwellings (homes) and other buildings (commercial / retail /industrial)

  • Multi-unit and mixed use developments (duplexes, triplexes, town houses / villas, residential flat buildings)

  • Development of Animal handling facilities such as Feedlots (Intensive Agriculture), Breeding Facilities and Abattoirs

  • Torrens title, stratum & strata subdivision


SMK Consultants can complete the entire Development on your behalf, assist you through, provide expertise for a single part or assess a completed application.


The above is not an exhaustive, but simply an example of the types of development applications that we can help you with. For further information, please contact us today for assistance with your DA.