Benefit Realisation Analysis

Benefits realisation is the process for the identification, definition, tracking, realisation and optimisation of benefits ensuring that potential benefits arising from a programme of change are actually realised.


One definition of benefits realisation is “measurable improvement resulting from an outcome which is perceived as an advantage by a stakeholder” (Managing Successful Programmes).


A more prosaic definition might be the answer to the question “why are we doing this?” Quite often in programmes and projects, people are so focused on delivery that the answer to the question is forgotten; our role is to bring the question into sharp focus, helping define the answer and then guide organisations through the steps to getting there. The realisation of benefits is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any change initiative.


We are strongly committed to ensuring the benefit strategy and management process are efficient and appropriate to our client’s needs. Specifically this includes making sure that the data collection burden is realistic, that benefit owners are trained and clear about their responsibilities and that reporting gives the correct amount of detail to the appropriate management teams.


Our approach provides:


  • A process which integrates benefits realisation with change management

  • A framework for performance measurement and monitoring

  • A benefits driven perspective to decision-making involving prioritising resources