Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Assessment

With our global knowledge and expertise, we discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our clients’ proposed project through our comprehensive pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.


We discover these by analysing the surrounding environment, the resources required for the project, their availability and ultimately the prospects of success.


Our pre-feasibility and feasibility studies consider a variety of elements to ensure no stone is left unturned to discover the prospects of success including:


  • historical background of a project

  • development of the technical concepts for the project

  • detailed description of the product or service

  • financial data including account statements

  • details of operation and maintenance policies and legal requirements


As an addendum to project feasibility analysis, we also offer complete FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) capabilities. This ensures that our clients receive a comprehensive analysis of the various technical issues associated with their project and set the project up for success. We understand the importance of FEED phase in the initial stages of a project and we work closely with our clients to ensure it reflects their needs and intentions for the duration of the project and specifies any requirements on their behalf.