Business Plan and Process Development and Assessment

Business Plan Development

A Business Plan allows you to take a broad view of your operations and find opportunities for growth.  Business plans also assist in attracting funding, with many lenders requiring one.  A business plan is as unique as your business and will be tailored as such.  


Additional plans which can be incorporated as part of a comprehensive business plan, or developed as stand-alone documents include:


  • Marketing and Social Media Plan

Including latest market research metrics

Gain better understanding of your market, competitors and industry

Advise on the appropriateness of social media for your business and develop a social media strategy to help you connect with customers


  • Environmental, Water and Energy Management Plan

Advise on environmental management, including environmental auditing systems and minimising your environmental impact

Develop methods for better energy management, including how to reduce your energy usage and negotiate your energy contract


  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Plan

Understand, register and protect your intellectual property

Develop innovation in your business including fostering an innovative culture and find opportunities to improve your internal processes


  • Succession Planning, Emergency Management and Recovery Plan

Plan and recover from emergencies and natural disasters that may affect your business.

Protection of intangible assets

Insurance of Knowledge Transfer


Business Process Improvement

Every organisation has systems and procedures which define the “way we do things around here”. These are part of the culture, difficult to improve and make more efficient and effective.


Organisations increasingly look at all aspects of their business to drive down costs, maximise value and improve staff engagement. Business improvement consultancy selects the most appropriate tools and methods to achieve these goals, making both step change improvements and engendering a culture of continuous improvement.


SMK Consultants employs a great variety of approaches to improving efficiency and effectiveness which we can apply to a client’s specific position. These include:


  • Process based approaches which redesign and optimise business processes

  • Efficiency review: ‘Lean’ methods emphasising efficient flows and reductions of operational bottlenecks

  • Six Sigma methods based on statistical techniques to minimise defects and waste


More recently Systems Thinking approaches have emerged encompassing these established methods.  System Thinking approaches emphasise the importance of viewing the organisation/issue and its stakeholders/elements as a ‘system’ comprising complex relationships. These need to be understood to enable making real, lasting improvements to be made.


At SMK Consultants our considerable experience of working with both public and private sector organisations enables us to provide:


  • Objective analysis of the organisation’s policies, processes (process mapping), behaviours and values

  • Independence from previous improvement initiatives

  • Experience in a wide range of organisations, able to make ready comparisons and identify good practice from which other organisations can learn

  • Credibility with internal and external stakeholders where recommendations are quickly respected and implemented