Asbestos Management

SMK are the asbestos testing and management specialists. We help to identify asbestos, do asbestos air monitoring, site remediation and asbestos management plans. We independently identify, monitor and assist you to manage or remove asbestos and other hazardous material & substances in commercial, community and residential locations.


Work health and safety regulation 2011 R425 and R429 requires workplaces to have an asbestos building register and asbestos management plan. Reviews must be undertaken when physical changes occur in the workplace or when Asbestos is removed or found.  SMK completes building registers and management plans to legislative requirements to make it easier for you, and to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe.


Our specialised asbestos services include:


  • Asbestos Inspections in regional NSW

  • Asbestos Surveys & Audits

  • Asbestos Testing

  • Air monitoring

  • Asbestos Register

  • Asbestos Management plans

  • Asbestos Removal Management and Removal Specifications