Noise Assessments

SMK Consultants have vast experience in identifying, quantifying and controlling environmental noise from industrial and commercial sites, traffic, as well as noise from residential dwellings. Our team will conduct an environmental noise assessment to ensure that you meet your responsibilities under relevant environmental noise legislation and regulations.


Environment noise assessments conducted by SMK Consultants are in line with the requirements of the relevant standards and policies. These assessments are performed during the day, evening or night (depending on the facilities operating periods) and require the measurement of background noise levels (ie without the noise source operating). Measurements can be short-term with one of our acoustic consultants present or long-term with continuous noise loggers.


We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and provide realistic and achievable solutions to best reflect the outcome they desire.


The assessment will:

  • Identify noise issues and sources

  • Identify the nearest noise sensitive receivers

  • Measure the level of noise

  • Assess the likely effect of the noise level

  • Provide recommendations to assist with the compliance of relevant legislation and regulations