Flora and Fauna Mapping

SMK Consultants offers a wide range of ecological assessments, conducted through our in-house environmental team and our comprehensive network of associates. Our resources at SMK Consultants allow us to provide environmental studies for any development, irrespective of scale. Development of Flora and Fauna assessments is done through comprehensive research, reviews and consultations with local entities and government bodies in addition to site inspections.


Our services include:


  • Field surveys conducted with scientific and technical expertise

  • Habitat mapping

  • Species identification and developing inventories of species present on site, with specific reference to threatened species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

  • Regional habitat assessment, including characterisation of habitat connectivity

  • Development of rehabilitation and restoration works

  • Provision of management recommendations to minimise environmental harm, to assist in the implementation of the project

  • Habitat condition assessment and identification of environmental stressors.


SMK Consultants have qualified staff to help you achieve biodiversity offsetting for your development proposal. Biodiversity offsets work by protecting and managing biodiversity values in one area in exchange for impacts on biodiversity values in another. Offsetting is a practical tool to assist decision makers who need to balance the relative environmental, social and economic merits of a development proposal.