On-site Wastewater Management

SMK Consultants are specialists in the development of on-site wastewater management systems which are required to manage domestic and commercial wastewater in un-sewered areas. The potential for on-site wastewater management systems is dependent upon a number of factors including:


  • soil type

  • soil profile

  • topography

  • hydrology

  • hydrogeology

  • proposed wastewater loads

  • effluent quality


Effective management of on-site wastewater treatment systems requires comprehensive site evaluation and system design, followed by appropriate system installation, operation and maintenance.


SMK Consultants can design and develop on-site wastewater management systems of any scale from domestic to large commercial applications. In developing on-site wastewater management systems SMK Consultants can:


  • Conduct site and soil evaluations to characterise site conditions, identify site constraints and determine available areas for land application of effluent.

  • Calculation of expected wastewater flows, peak design capacity and equivalent population (EP).

  • Undertake mass balance and nutrient modelling

  • Select appropriate wastewater treatment systems and detailed land application area designs.

  • Prepare wastewater reports, designs and Site Based Management Plans to achieve development approval and meet state government licensing requirements.