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Soil and Water Management

Soil management plans can assist with the establishment of appropriate processes and control measures to ensure that contaminated soils are managed safely and in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation. The SMK team of consultants is well versed in the development of Construction Soil Management Plans, as well as Soil Management Plans for the ongoing use of sites and can provide tailored, site specific plans that satisfy client requirements.


We also specialize in providing water management advice which integrates consideration of environmental watering requirements, and water quantity, and with that, water quality issues, within the framework of strategic and policy regulations which guides water resource management.


The team is also practiced at balancing the needs of the environment with consumptive water demands and management at a site-specific scale.


Some of the soil and water management services that we provide are:


  • Developing management plans including construction management plans and stormwater management plans

  • Soil testing and analysis

  • Water testing and analysis

  • Long-term soil and water quality monitoring

  • Habitat assessment and reporting

  • Waterway planning and rehabilitation

  • 1D and 2D hydrologic modelling

  • Design and implementation of environmental surveys

  • Strategic planning for waterways and catchments

  • Catchment action plans and rehabilitation strategies

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